Coordinator of Catechesis
Position Summary
The Coordinator of Catechesis is responsible for developing and managing faith-based initiatives that serve the Benedictine College Community, specifically through the Chapel Team, RCIA Team, and Marriage Prep programs. The Coordinator of Catechesis will consult with the College Chaplain on all Liturgies and Sacraments. The Coordinator of Catechesis must take the Oath of Fidelity agreeing to be faithful to teach/train on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Essential Functions
Oversee Chapel Team Teach student leaders to carry out liturgical ministries consistent with the college’s Benedictine mission
Train student leaders to lead their peers in liturgical roles including EMHC, lector, usher, server, and sacristan
Have clear and open lines of communication with the Chaplain and Abbey to ensure the all of our liturgies are in accord with     the Benedictine Charism
Coordinate major liturgical events on campus such as signature event Masses, processions, and consecrations.
Oversee RCIA TeamCollaborate with the Evangelization Team, FOCUS and SPO, and Athletic Coaches to reach out to and invite non-Catholic students to attend RCIA
Continue the development and implementation of the RCIA program and curriculum
Train students to give talks, lead small groups, and mentor candidates
Lead Ministry leaders to engage volunteers in the RCIA program
Oversee Marriage Prep TeamConsult with the Chaplain on all sacramental policies and practices
Coordinate the marriage preparation process for engaged couples on campus including formation and paperwork
Effectively implement theology of the body formation
Coordinate the ‘Life Giving Wounds’ retreat and ministry to students of divorce

Please apply at: https://www.benedictine.edu/jobs/coordinator-catechesis

About Benedictine College

Benedictine College's mission as a Catholic, Liberal Arts institution of higher learning is to educate men and women within a community of faith and scholarship.

Community: The first step to achieving academic excellence in a community of faith and scholarship is the ongoing development of one of the great Catholic college faculties in America.

Faith: Benedictine College is committed to sharing with all members of our community the beauty and mystery of the Catholic faith as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and handed down through the teachings of the Church.

Scholarship: Academic excellence at Benedictine College is driven by faculty who exhibit strong commitment in their teaching and scholarship to provide an environment that prepares students with the best that has been thought and written. Faculty will develop graduates who are critical thinkers who read, speak, and write well, and are personally and professionally prepared for life’s challenges on a local and global scale. As faculty at a Catholic college, we embrace the distinctive challenge of Catholic education articulated by Pope Benedict XVI: to form the will, as well as the mind, of the students within our care.