Vice Principal – Faculty (2023-2024)

The Donahue Academy Vice Principal of Faculty plays a vital role in the education of children through the formation of virtuous teachers and the oversight of Catholic classical curriculum. He or she takes an important leadership position in our school, helping to cultivate a setting from which students encounter Christ, pursue virtue, and cultivate excellence in all things. Furthermore, the next Vice Principal of Faculty joins a community of like-minded Catholic educators with all the support, friendship, and strength that this fellowship provides.

Candidates will have leadership experience; demonstrable excellence in curriculum oversight and classroom pedagogy; and a well-grounded vision for the spiritual, moral, and intellectual formation of the human person in light of the Catholic tradition. The Donahue Academy Vice Principal of Faculty delights to enkindle the love of truth, goodness, and beauty in others. Candidates should possess a passion for Catholic classical education and a love for their fellow man that is both humble and relentless. The Donahue Academy Vice Principal of Faculty is called to support and nurture a joyful and ennobling academic community.

At Donahue Academy, we believe that the pursuit of the transcendental realities cannot be separated from Christ Who is the source of all truth. It is only in the context of our allowing God His due place, with a reverence faithful to the Magisterium of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church, that an authentic and rigorous liberal arts education is possible.

Donahue Academy was founded in 2007 and has quickly risen to the top as one of the foremost Catholic classical schools in the nation. Plans for further growth are underway, with an expected enrollment of 420 preK-12th-grade students for the 2023-24 school year.


Catholic Classical Education

The school leader has a demonstrable understanding of — and affinity for — the Catholic classical tradition. In addition, his or her actions reflect prudence and magnanimity. He or she is a capable proponent of Catholic education and the classical tradition.


Leadership Team

The school leader understands how to work as part of a leadership team and is able to lead other teams (deans, chairs, etc.).


Instructional Leadership & Curriculum

The school leader is a capable instructional leader, one who understands a full spectrum of instructional skill-building (from instruction to coaching teachers) in addition to curriculum planning.


Faculty Culture/People Leadership

The school leader understands and successfully influences the elements of a strong faculty culture, including teacher development and esprit de corps. The leader has a vision for strong faculty culture and articulates it clearly and compellingly.


Emotional Intelligence

The school leader is self-aware and self-disciplined, aware of his/her impact on others and able to manage relationships with trust, candor, and love.



The school leader is able to get the job done. This is true across the many stakeholder groups and areas of school function, including academic success, strong culture, and operational results. The leader is effective on a social/interpersonal level, navigating the right path between social and professional functioning.



Extended description of Vice Principal of Faculty activities:


·          Faculty formation in line with mission; work with Deans

·          Oversee new faculty onboarding and formation in basic Catholic classical pedagogy; work with Deans and Principal to coordinate

·          Oversees all curriculum K-12

·          Oversees instruction in all classes K-12

·          Oversees transcripts

·          Works with Chairs for vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment

·          Coordinates tests

·          Some general admin duties as delegated by Principal

·          Coordinate all facets of the Renweb Student Information System, keeping it up to date and troubleshooting with faculty and enlisting the help of the IT department if technical issues arise.

·          Place students in proper courses in Renweb

·          Oversee FLVS & Dual-enrollment

·          Oversee Title I, II, III programs

·          First administrative point of contact re: graduation requirements, failed courses, academic probation, etc.

·          Provide quarterly academic reports to principal

·          Lead the process for student withdrawals

·          Process student records requests (transcripts, transfers, etc.)

·          Coordinate academic and end of the year student awards

·          Ensure graduation requirements are being met

·          Oversee grading Monitor gradebooks – troubleshoot with teachers as needed

·          Provide quarterly teacher grading data to Principal

·          Ensure report cards are accurate and on-time

·          Point person to develop and trac student intervention plans with the assistance for the counsellor

·          Develop and follow academic or behavioral contracts for at risk students

·          Work with the admissions director to ensure candidates for enrollment are properly screened and prepared to succeed.

·          First administrative point of contact for concerns about student or teacher academic performance.

·          Train and assign substitute teachers as needed

·          Oversee standardized testing

·          Coordinate PSAT, TerraNova, ACRE, AP and other tests annually

·          Communicate and interpret results to faculty and parents

·          Track trends and recommend adaptations for individual students or teachers

•     Work with faculty on proposed curriculum changes

•     Ensure curriculum distribution to faculty

•     Purchase curriculum including over the summer, receive and deliver it to classes

•     Ensure textbook longevity (cover books, track missing books, etc.)

•     Develop course schedules and teacher assignments

•     Oversee daily academic schedule

•     Create, adjust & maintain daily course rotation

·          Monitor lesson plans via CurriculumTrac

·          Ensure instruction is effective, engaging and aligned to our classical and Catholic mission.

·          Oversee all faculty development, trainings, and retreats.

·          Track Master Inservice points

·          Ensure all faculty teaching licenses are up to date and assist with renewals

·          Conduct all faculty formal and informal observations

·          Assist new or struggling faculty with resources and mentoring

·          Work with AMU Department of Education re: interns and observers

To apply for this job email your details to marc.snyder@donahueacademy.org