Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts is seeking a full-time professor, with an advanced degree in theology.  Applicants from any area of specialization are welcome to apply, but they should also be broadly conversant with representative figures of the Catholic theological tradition, from the patristic period through modernity.

Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, the names and contact information of three academic references, and a cover letter that demonstrates the applicant’s understanding of (1) the college’s mission, and (2) the purpose of the college’s courses in theology.

Application materials should be addressed to the Academic Dean, Dr. Brian FitzGerald, and submitted electronically to corlowski@magdalen.edu by 4 pm on November 15th, 2021. Please include “Theology Search – CN” in the subject line.

In addition to his or her responsibilities teaching the required sequence of theology courses and overseeing the courses for theology majors, a theology professor at the college may also collaborate within the “Program of Studies”– an established curriculum constituted by the great books — and teach from established sequences of readings. Though open to organic development, the sequence of readings for each course is something received by faculty members and something for which they are responsible as stewards.

A love of learning, teaching, and a desire for the intellectual and spiritual well-being of the students should animate the professor as a teacher. All courses taught are part of a larger program of formation at the college that seeks to inspire students to hear the call to faithful, sacramental discipleship and to respond wholeheartedly to it.  All Catholic faculty at the college take an oath of fidelity to Catholic teaching at the beginning of each academic year.  A professor’s understanding of Catholic education will be consistent with the encyclical Fides et Ratio, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, and Pope Benedict’s “Address to Catholic Educators” in Washington D.C. at the Catholic University of America in 2008.

Faculty members are expected to participate in the larger common life of the collegiate community to the extent that they are able: they frequently take meals with the students and participate in co-curricular activities such as student orientation, special liturgies, and other events. Following Bl. John Henry Newman’s ideal, faculty members are happy to spend time with students outside of class, serving as mentors and offering guidance by word and example about how to live life well.

For more information about the college’s mission and the Program of Studies, please see the college website: https://www.magdalen.edu

To apply for this job email your details to corlowski@magdalen.edu

About Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts

Magdalen College of the Liberal Arts calls students, in their whole person, to a transformative, Catholic, liberal arts education.

This education is ordered to human flourishing and communion, animated by the perennial questions, given shape by the classic books, and nourished by a vibrant liturgical and sacramental culture.

Joyfully Catholic in this ascent toward true freedom and a vision of the Good, Magdalen College calls all within her community to enter the great conversation of authors seeking wisdom that has unfolded across the ages, cultivating a life of virtue, poetic imagination, service, and life-giving fidelity.