Regina Luminis Academy in Berwyn, PA is accepting applications for Head of School for the coming academic year.

The Head of School for Regina Luminis Academy must be a practicing Roman Catholic and is required to sign an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The ideal candidate would also have a master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field of study and 5+ years of experience in some aspect of school leadership.


Qualities and Responsibilities

Educational Leadership

·      Have a comprehensive knowledge of the Catholic Liberal Arts tradition (works, ideas, practices)

·      Have a thorough knowledge of where these should be integrated in the life of the school

·      Have a thorough knowledge of how well these are implemented throughout the school

·      Communicate the educational vision to teachers, students, and families

·      Provide for continual improvement in the implementation of the educational mission

·      Coach and train staff to help fulfill the educational mission

·      Continually evaluate the performance of teachers within the context of Catholic classical education

·      Provide for the faculty’s instructional needs

·      Be held to account for the overall performance of the school against measurable outcomes

Informing and Responding to the Board

·      Implement faithfully the broader goals set by the board

·      Cultivate a positive working relationship with the board

·      Keep the board informed with regular reports on key aspects of the school’s life and


·      Accept feedback and advice from the board, creating clear action steps to implement

change when needed, reporting back to the board on responses to the input.

Budget Management

·      Develop the school’s budget within guidelines from the Board Head or his/her designee.

·      Finalize the budget to comply with guidelines set for the school by the board

·      Notify the board in a timely manner of unplanned changes in spending or financial needs

·      Report quarterly to the board as per their specific directions on the financial status of the school

Maintain Records

·      Staff and manage an office to comply with all applicable regulations or best practices regarding student records, HR documents, lease documents, emergency plans, account receivable, etc.


·      Maintain and communicate clear staffing profiles and goals

·      Ensure job descriptions match job assignments each year

·      Maintain a proactive staffing search and candidate bank

·      Maintain proscribed policies on interviewing and hiring

·      Consistently recruit, interview, and hire for improvement; and replace underperforming or unaligned staff whenever necessary

·      Ensure adequate staffing for students with special needs

·      Provide logistical and educational onboard training

Cultivation of Student Life

·      Provide for activities in and out of school to enhance the students’ RLA experience

·      Find opportunities for students to interact with students at other likeminded schools

Cultivation of Parent Community

·      Regular newsletters

·      Meet the Head of School events

·      Parent/Teacher meetings


·      Provide for campus aesthetics

·      Provide for campus safety and security

Requisite Skills

·      Effective oral and written communication skills

·      Demonstrable business and management acumen

·      Collaborates in-order-to gain all available and pertinent information

·      Ability to build consensus

·      Ability to act decisively

·      Ability to attract, develop and retain needed faculty and staff

·      Ability to represent RLA in all settings with dignity and diplomacy

·      Effective problem solving skills

·      Ability to mediate conflicting opinions or actions with fairness and good judgement

·      Ability to deal with criticism with empathy and openness

·      Ability to move quickly and decisively into crisis mode when required

·      Ability to call upon outside expert resources as appropriate to solve problems or leverage opportunities

·      Demonstrable understanding and belief in the concept of “servant leadership”

To Apply

Interested parties should begin by sending a cover letter and resume to: search@reginaluminis.org

To apply for this job email your details to search@reginaluminis.org

About Regina Luminis Academy

The Academy

Regina Luminis Academy is a fully accredited Catholic Classical academy located in Berwyn, PA at the Church of St. Monica.  RLA was founded in 2007 as a private Catholic school to assist parents in the education and formation of their children by providing a classical liberal arts education in the Western tradition that is faithful to the authentic Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Academy seeks to carry on the living tradition of authentic Catholic classical education grounded in the seven liberal arts and teaching students how to think like the great thinkers that built our civilization.

Called by God to fashion a world more in tune with the dignity of the human person, Christian students must be educated in excellence.  A Catholic liberal arts education informs students with the most excellent human accomplishments and thus disposes them to the crowning accomplishments of those steeped in grace—sacred doctrine.

Key Facts

Founded in 2007

One of the four Regina Academies in the Philadelphia area

Grades Pre-K – 12

Student population 160+

Faculty and staff: 25

Address: 601 First Avenue, Berwyn, PA 19312