St. John Bosco Schools / Chesterton Academy of Rochester, offering a Classical Liberal Arts Education in the Catholic Tradition for grades Pre-K to 12, is looking for our next Headmaster. Your materials will be reviewed by the full Search Committee, but please direct your initial email to johnclyle@gmail.com.

Our Headmaster must be willing and able to serve as:

A Model for the Catholic Faith

  • Possess a deep faith in Jesus Christ, demonstrated through a devotion to His Eucharistic presence and an obedience to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  • Provide the school community regular occasions for Holy Mass, Confession, traditional prayers/devotions and engage parents in matters of faith
  • Exhibit virtuous behavior – especially patience, gentleness and humility – through interactions with faculty/staff, students and parents

A Model for the Teachers

  • Inspire with principles of Catholic Liberal Education, particularly a Catholic anthropology
  • Monitor teachers’ performance through observation of classroom, gradebook and lesson plans and when necessary, provide guidance and reassurance to areas in need of improvement
  • Be a unifying presence to everyone in the school by offering support, guidance and a moderating influence so that each individual has the opportunity to excel academically, spiritually and socially

A Model for the Mission

  • To Teachers: consistently educate and guide with the vision of the school
  • To Parents: support in their God-given role of forming each child
  • To Students: teach each child that he is made in the image and likeness of God and his purpose in this life is to know, love and serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next
  • To the Board: apprise the need to provide this unique type of education to other families
  • To the Community: share the tenets of the classical Catholic Liberal Education with prospective families and supporters

Specific job responsibilities of the Headmaster include:

Head Teacher

  • Direct, manage, deepen, and unify the faculty in their execution of the school’s curriculum
  • Nurture students in their pursuit of excellence
  • Model professional, moral, and ethical standards as well as personal integrity in all interactions

Chief Executive Officer

  • Manage/delegate day-to-day operational issues of the school
  • Select, orient, support, evaluate, and retain school personnel
  • Handle parent-student issues that arise in the normal rhythm of school life
  • Provide effective communication to the staff and parents

School Visionary

  • Communicate the mission of the school with current and prospective parents
  • Implement the school’s mission on a daily basis, enriching student life and the school’s culture within the community
  • Represent the school in the local community, building ties with business representatives to raise the profile of the school

Board Liaison

  • Function as chief communicator between the Board and the faculty/staff
  • Function as chief advisor to the Board regarding matters of philosophy and policy
  • Work with the Board to ensure that budgetary targets are met

If you feel called to explore this unique opportunity further, we invite you to write us a letter stating both your interest in applying to serve as our next Headmaster and what skills and attitudes you have that might make you an exceptional candidate.

Your materials will be reviewed by the full Search Committee, but please direct your initial email to johnclyle@gmail.com.

About St. John Bosco Schools (K-8) & Chesterton Academy of Rochester (H.S.)

Founded in 2008 in response to the closing of 13 diocesan Catholic schools, St. John Bosco Schools was established to grow into a network of schools that provide an authentic Catholic education. Growing demand among parents of St. John Bosco Schools students in their middle schools years led to the founding of Chesterton Academy of Rochester in 2014, which provides a continuation of our classical curriculum within the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Run by a lay Board of Governors, and supported by the generosity of many donors who share our vision, the success of St. John Bosco Schools and Chesterton Academy of Rochester is built upon three pillars:

  1. Faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church;
  2. Commitment to the particular charisms of St. John Bosco (the “father, teacher, and friend of youth”) and G.K. Chesterton (the “apostle of common sense”);
  3. Dedication to the search for truth through a classical Catholic liberal arts curriculum.