Middle/Upper School Latin Teacher

Job Summary
The Atonement Catholic Academy invites applications for a full-time teaching position in the Middle/ Upper School.The successful candidate will be able to teach Latin. Priority is given to candidates with a degree in Latin or Classics, experience teaching at the high school level, and a commitment to Catholic classical education. Latin teachers should have knowledge of the grammar-first and grammar-translation method of teaching. The Middle/Upper School Latin program builds upon the Lower School Latin curriculum and forms an integral part of the classical Catholic education provided at The Atonement Catholic Academy.

Responsibilities and Duties
ï     Collaborate with colleagues to coordinate instruction across the curriculum
ï     Hold office hours to meet with students in need of assistance outside of class
ï     Communicate with parents, counselors, administration, and students
ï     Participation in professional development activities sponsored by school and other professional development activities as required
ï     Fulfillment of school duties as assigned
ï     Regular attendance of departmental and faculty meetings

Minimum Qualifications
ï     Bachelor’s degree in subject area
ï     Experience teaching at high school level
ï     Knowledge of grammar-first and grammar-translation method of teaching Latin
ï     Excellent organizational and communications skills
ï     Understanding of the role of Latin in a classical curriculum

Application Process
Please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@ourladyoftheatonement.org

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@ourladyoftheatonement.org

About The Atonement Catholic Academy

The Atonement Catholic Academy is a Catholic school that offers a classical education to learning in an academic and spiritual environment from PK-3 through 12th grade.