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Federal Grants

Student Success Manager

Title V Core Program 2023-2028

The University of St. Thomas, a private university (www.stthom.edu) committed to the liberal arts and to the religious and intellectual tradition of Catholic higher education, is seeking a Student Success Manager for the Title V CORE grant. This position reports to the Project Director. The Student Success Manager will manage the day-to-day program support and deliver hands-on, intrusive, proactive student support influenced by the coaching theory of Bettinger and Baker and the cultural wealth and cultural awareness theories of Nora, Rendon, et. al. The Student Success Manager will assist in the training of staff, faculty, coaches, and peer mentors, to demonstrate wrap-around support to UST students and foster and nurture collaborations with other student service providers on campus.

The Student Success Manager will help train and supervise success staff, train faculty, arrange for peer mentor training, and approve schedules created by peer mentors with students each semester. The Student Success Manager will also coordinate the purchase of supplies and assistive learning equipment. This position will oversee the provision of students’ one-on-one assistance and coaching and counseling to improve their success, retention, course completion and graduation rates. The Student Success Manager will also oversee preparation and monitor the collection of student academic, performance and retention data, research, and peer-to-peer mentoring data. The Student Success Manager will provide program and student data collection and evaluation support to the Title V Project Director and program evaluator as requested.


Day-to-day management of the CORE center, Student Success staff, services, and activities.
Complete and maintain records for grant reporting and internal campus reporting.
Provide wrap around support for Hispanic and low-income students that ask for or require additional student services as appropriate.
Serves as a liaison to faculty and staff who want further coaching training and support.
Coach students and refer to other wrap-around services as appropriate.
Work with Project Director and UST administration to institutionalize improvements.
Will work with all grant staff, UST faculty and student support personnel to ensure all Title V project goals and objectives are completed on time and within budget.


MA/MS in Student Success, Student Support Services, Advising or a related discipline.
Three years of experience with equipment purchasing under grant regulations, peer mentoring, and the delivery of student success support services that address specific academic deficiencies for Hispanic and low-income students struggling at the college/university level. Seven years of experience in higher education and five years of experience supporting low-income, first generation and underrepresented students.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Three years’ experience on federal grants, HSI grants a plus.
Excellent rapport with university-wide communities and external resources.
Familiarity with STEM and other education fields.
Bilingual skills will be preferred.

Funded by the US Department of Education OPE Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions

Title V Program, 2023-2028, Award # P031S2303298.

The University of St. Thomas is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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