Catholic Education Jobs is a project of The Cardinal Newman Society, which has the mission of promoting and defending faithful Catholic education.

Launched in 2017, Catholic Education Jobs is designed to connect faithful Catholic colleges and high schools with well-qualified job-seekers who are dedicated to the mission of faithful Catholic education.

At this time, only the Catholic colleges recommended in the Society’s Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College and the Catholic schools included in the Catholic Education Honor Roll program are invited to post their job openings on this website.

Those seeking employment in a faithful Catholic college or school are invited to view and apply for posted jobs, and to sign-up for emails from

Resources for those involved with Catholic education

The Vatican has consistently recognized that educators have an essential role in Catholic education and must serve as witnesses to the faith, in both word and deed.

The Cardinal Newman Society recommends the following resources for those involved with Catholic education:

    • Ex corde Ecclesiae In 1990, Pope St. John Paul II issued this apostolic constitution on Catholic universities.  In Ex corde Ecclesiae, he explored the connection between the Catholic identity of a Catholic university and its teachers.  He states, in part: “The identity of a Catholic University is essentially linked to the quality of its teachers and to respect for Catholic doctrine.”


    • The Enduring Nature of The Catholic University – A collection of essays on the renewal of Catholic higher education published by The Cardinal Newman Society in 2009.  In considering the future of Catholic education, it’s impossible to ignore the past. “How did we get here?” is a question essential to determining how many American Catholic colleges and universities can overcome their conformity to secular norms. Ultimately, these articles serve as hope that the mistakes of the past can be corrected, and that Catholic educators can be instrumental in the renaissance of faithful Catholic education in the United States that is underway.




    • Principles of Catholic Identity in Education – A resource produced by The Cardinal Newman Society which articulates elements the Church expects to find in all Catholic schools and which distinguish them from other schools. The principles are derived from Church documents related to education, including the documents of Vatican II, documents from the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education, and the writings of various Popes. Each principle includes a summary which is comprehensive, yet concise, and reflects the language found in the Church documents.


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