Date:  March 12, 2024

Position Available:  Assistant Director for Specialized Accreditation

Position Reports to:  Director of Academic Effectiveness

Department:  Academic Affairs

FLSA Status:  Exempt

Schedule:  Full-time; Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; some evenings and weekends.


Please apply online:  https://franciscan.edu/assistant-director-for-specialized-accreditation/



Franciscan University is seeking an Assistant Director for Specialized Accreditation (ADSA) whose primary role will be to maintain disciplinary accreditation across a range of programs and specialized accreditors (including CAEP, CACREP, CCNE, CSWE, and IACBE). The ADSA regularly coordinates alignment to various accreditation standards and use of student learning data for a variety of academic programs. The ADSA facilitates recurring data analysis needs and reporting requirements for programs with disciplinary accreditation. The ADSA serves as a resource for department chairs, program directors, and the Director of Academic Effectiveness.



1)    Accreditation

·         Work closely with the Director of Academic Effectiveness and department chairs and program directors to ensure compliance with accreditation and assessment requirements of specialized accreditors for academic programs, including education, nursing, social work, counseling, and business.

·         Coordinate with department chairs and program directors for necessary reporting expectations of specially accredited programs to remain in compliance with federal and state regulations and disciplinary accreditation standards, including required licensure disclosures.

·         Serve as a content expert on accreditation standards and related state and federal regulations impacting specially accredited programs.

·         In collaboration with department chairs and program directors, prepare annual program reports.

·         Collaborate with department chairs and program directors to prepare mid-cycle reviews, self-study documents, and site visit plans for disciplinary accreditation.

·         Maintain upcoming schedule of all accreditation-related deadlines and collaborate with department chairs and the Director of Academic Effectiveness in prioritizing program needs.


2)    Student Learning Assessment and Data Analysis

·         Collaborate with the specially accredited programs to collect, analyze, and archive all student learning assessment data needed for program reporting.

·         Conduct comprehensive data analysis necessary for student learning assessment outcomes plans.

·         Create necessary analysis reports to support regular review of data and support continuous improvement efforts.

·         Collaborate with faculty to identify trends in student learning and program assessment data.

·         Serve as a content expert for department chairs and program directors to ensure proper alignment of student learning assessment data as required by disciplinary accreditors.

·         Develop a comprehensive data management plan based on changing accreditor requirements.




3)    General

·         Assist the Director of Academic Effectiveness with additional tasks.

·         Coordinate necessary reporting efforts to remain in compliance with state authorization (NC-SARA)

·         Other duties as assigned by the VPAA.


This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Additional duties, expectations and responsibilities may be added or changed as needed to meet the University’s needs.



Must believe, promote, and have a strong commitment to the mission of Franciscan University of Steubenville and possess the following:


Technical Skills:

·         Ability to read, understand, and explain nuances in accreditation standards.

·         Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and good written communication skills.

·         Expertise with Excel, Student Information Systems, and other relevant software.

·         Ability to produce clear, relevant data charts and written reports, including presenting interpretations of data when requested.

·         Ability to develop strategies for continued improvement.

Non-Technical Skills & Competencies:

·         Proven ability to communicate clearly with a range of audiences and to collaborate with various constituencies.

·         Ability to maintain confidentiality.

·         Proven ability to perform as part of a team, including motivating others to collectively achieve challenging tasks.

·         Ability to innovate.

Education & Experience:

·         Bachelor’s degree in a field with an analytical, educational, or research component.

·         3-5 years of experience with design and measurement of student learning outcomes and accreditation reporting.

Workplace Factors:

·         A commitment to the fulfillment and advancement of the mission of Franciscan University of Steubenville.

·         Must be able to type-keyboard and use a computer for extended periods of time.

·         Some travel may be required.

·         Requests for some remote work may be possible.

Candidates must submit an online application, a resume and a cover letter that demonstrates their fit for the position based on their experience, accomplishments, and skills as well as their desire to advance the mission of Franciscan University.


Please apply online:  https://franciscan.edu/assistant-director-for-specialized-accreditation/


For other information and job postings, visit our website at https://www.franciscan.edu


Franciscan University of Steubenville is committed to principles of equal opportunity and is an equal opportunity employer.