Date:  June 9, 2021

Position Available:  IT Support Specialist

Position Reports to:  Manager, User Support Services

Department:  Information Technology Services (ITS)

FLSA Status:  Non-exempt

Schedule:  Full-time, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM; Occasional evening and weekend work required.


Please apply online:  https://franciscan.edu/it-support-specialist/




Guided by the Mission and Vision of Franciscan University of Steubenville, the purpose of this position is to provide first level technical support to the faculty, staff and students.  Must follow standard help desk support processes and procedures to help support the internal user community.  Respond to all requests in a thorough, efficient manner and provide excellent customer service.  Assist other members of the ITS User Support Services team as needed as well as provide support for the ITS team as a whole.  Continuously develop technical, organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.  Participate in tasks and projects that help improve the services of the User Support Services team.




1.     Provide first level technical support to all faculty, staff and students of Franciscan University.

·         Provide technical assistance for faculty, students and staff, via telephone, walk-ins and desk side support.

·         Answer calls in a thorough, efficient manner, providing excellent customer service.

·         Creation and follow up of help desk tickets.


2.     Provide second level desktop and laptop support for all faculty, staff, and students of Franciscan University.

·         Maintain desktops and laptops including their operating systems and applications.

·         Participate in tasks and projects that help improve the services of the ITS User Support Services team.


3.     Installation of hardware and software, network connectivity and computer peripherals.


4.     Provide classroom support for faculty.


5.     Continuously develop technical, organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.



This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.  Additional duties, expectations and responsibilities may be added or changed as needed to meet the University’s needs.



Must understand, support and embrace the mission of Franciscan University of Steubenville and possess the following:


Work Experience

·         Previous Help Desk experience desired.




Customer/Service Focus:

·         Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers.

·         Solicits and uses customer information to improve service or the customer’s experience.

·         Thinks and acts with the customers’ interests in mind; displays a strong service orientation.

·         Displays a sense of urgency and responsiveness to customers’ needs, inquiries and requests.

·         Quickly and accurately interprets customer’s needs and recommends optimal solutions.

·         Is polite and courteous at all times.


Technical/Functional Skills:

·         Demonstrates a clear understanding of the technical or functional skills required for the job.

·         Continually improves their awareness and mastery of the body of knowledge in their field.

·         Actively seeks out ways to practice and continually improve the required skills or knowledge.

·         Meets any special education/certification requirements of the department or job.

·         Consistently demonstrates proficiency in the required technical or functional skills or knowledge.


Verbal Communication:

·         Clearly and comfortably expresses one’s views and thoughts to different listeners/audiences.

·         Uses effective speaking and listening techniques to ensure clear and actionable communications.

·         Is effective at identifying and organizing the key points needed for an effective presentation.

·         Knows how to get and keep audience attention; and effectively handles questions and side bars.

·         Presents effectively in multiple settings: one-on-one, small/large groups, peers, staff and managers.


Written Communication:

·         Effectively identifies and organizes the key points needed for an effective written communication.

·         Uses a written style that is appropriate to the content and audience involved.

·         Writes in complete thoughts – uses short sentences that flow well and build on each other.

·         Checks work for style, spelling and grammar errors; ensures readability.

·         Knows when to use written communications instead of verbal communications.


Developing Self:

·         Continually assesses one’s skills and identifies areas that can be further improved.

·         Is alert for and quick to seize opportunities to raise one’s skills and/or contribution to the University.

·         Actively seeks to understand how one’s role/function fits into the bigger picture at FUS.

·         Sets ambitious personal goals that require stretch or exposes one to new situations or challenges.

·         Actively seeks to identify, share and leverage the key learnings in a given situation.


Quality of Work:

·         Sets and/or adheres to the standards or expectations of performance set for a given job.

·         Effectively interprets and applies the required policies and procedures that apply to a given job.

·         Consistently checks work for accuracy, appropriateness and completeness.

·         Takes appropriate steps to learn, prepare for and meet the technical standards of the job.

·         Asks questions to clarify expectations; keeps supervisor informed of progress to avoid problems.


Action Oriented:

·         Displays initiative; doesn’t wait to be told or asked to do something.

·         Comfortable acting in the absence of clear guidance or instructions.

·         Doesn’t get bogged down in planning or analysis; has a penchant for taking action.

·         Gets involved – tends to participate more than observe or oversee something.

·         Identifies and addresses roadblocks or obstacles that impede progress of a project or task.



·         Accurately assesses the complexity and difficulty of specific projects and initiatives.

·         Breaks projects down into key process steps and further into specific tasks.

·         Takes steps to anticipate problems or obstacles and develop needed contingencies.

·         Develops a roadmap that guides implementation of the project tasks, resources and timing.

·         Creates and uses reporting and feedback processes to monitor progress and adjust as needed.


Drive for Results:

·         Maintains a clear focus on the intended outcomes of a given goal, project or assignment.

·         Is tenacious at pursuing a goal and bringing it to a successful close.

·         Can be consistently counted on to follow through, meet commitments and deliver results.

·         Has a knack for finding the most efficient way of getting something done.

·         Displays a continuous awareness of and appreciation for bottom-line results or other key indicators.



·         Associate degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.


Technical Skills

·         General knowledge of PC and Macintosh platforms.

·         Familiarity with Windows and Mac operating systems.

·         Familiarity with Microsoft Office products, McAfee Antivirus, and Novell.


Workplace Factors

·         Sitting for extended period of time; May need to respond to technical issues during off hours and weekends.

·         Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling 35 pounds.

·         Ability to kneel, crouch bend and reach to retrieve and handle technology materials and supplies.


Candidates must submit an online application, a resume and a cover letter that demonstrates their fit for the position based on their experience, accomplishments and skills as well as their desire to advance the mission of Franciscan University.


Please apply online:  https://franciscan.edu/it-support-specialist/


For other information and job postings, visit our website at https://www.franciscan.edu


Franciscan University of Steubenville is committed to principles of equal opportunity and is an equal opportunity employer.